After Placing Order For SSL Certificate


0nce it is ordered please send a support ticket with the following details

1) *The domain you are requesting the SSL cert for

2) Create (replace with SSL install domain) from cPanel and update us with the created *hostmaster@ email ID and its *password

3) *Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

How to generate the CSR:
a) cPanel Users: http://www.tutorials…hm/installing-ssl-from-cpanel/
b) Resellers (WHM): http://www.===/how-to-create-a-csr-and-install-a-third-party-ssl-certificate-in-whm/

4) Details for the following
a) Company Name:
b) City:
c) State:
d) Country:
e) Zipcode:

Upon submitting the above information, we will update you with the ComodoPositive SSL certificate. You can then proceed with the installation.

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